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 "Manna From Heaven Given For You" began as a favorite pastime where we would give a quality, large print bible imprinted with the name of a person who God had led into our lives.  When the recipients of these bibles saw their names on them, their responses were amazing and it was so obvious how significant it made them feel.  Thus the dream came of one day starting a ministry where we could reach more people with gifts of God's word in nice bibles personally imprinted with their names.  16 years later after God worked on our characters and taught us how to walk in His will rather than our own, He invited us to work with Him in the ministry we had dreamed of.  Manna From Heaven Given For You was born on September 4th 2019.  It is truly His perfect timing.  So here we are praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ to help support this wonderful ministry that will make people feel the love of God in a very personal way when they receive a beautifully embossed bible with their own name.  Each Bible will be prayed over and prayers for each recipient will be lifted up to our Father in Heaven before we ship their bible out to them.



"For the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night;  And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."      Revelation 12:10-11


  • Purchase of donated embosser and bibles for Caroline county: August 2019

  • Purchase of Registered Agent:  August 2019

  • Inception of corporation: September 4th 2019

  • Beginning of creation of Website: September 6th 2019

  • Adding of Facebook page: September 16th 2019

  • Donated purchase of 40 more bibles for Blairsville GA branch: September 17th 2019

  • Realized we need to order smaller letters for the embosser and also decided to use a different font, so we are now waiting for the new letters before we can imprint the first shipment of bibles. September 20, 2019.

  • New letter fonts arrived October 18.  After imprinting our first bible we realized these also were not the correct sized font so now we have another order on the way.  These are due to arrive the end of November to mid December. We are NOT entertaining discouragement as we know God is in control and truly believe this is what He has called us to do.

  • We have began to imprint and ship out bibles.  Our first shipment went out just before Thanksgiving.  10 bibles were shipped to our first recipients.

  • December 22nd 7 more bibles have been imprinted and ready to be prayed over before shipping them out after Christmas.

  • January 20200 Purchased 20 NKJV Giant print bibles.  

  • After a long unexpected delay in our ministry work, we were able to deliver several more bibles during March and April 2020. My husband and I delivered these and dropped off at the recipient's homes. 

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